Kwik Chek/TXB cooks up quesadillas

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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As Kwik Chek undergoes a rebranding to TXB, the stores have launched two new quesadillas that are a sign of some of the locally inspired own brand flavors that expect to come from the regional chain.

Available until March 31, TXB has a new chorizo egg and cheese quesadilla for an on-the-go breakfast meal and a buffalo chicken mac and cheese quesadilla that combines two beloved foods into one menu item.

“At Kwik Chek/TXB, all food is made to order on-site, with fresh and wholesome ingredients,” said Jimmy Crowder, head of menu innovation at Kwik Chek/TXB. “I love dreaming up menu items you wouldn’t expect from your average convenience store, and these quesadillas definitely fall in that category."


In addition to the new menu items, the Kwik Chek/TXB kwikcard Rewards program enables customers to earn points when they buy fresh food items from a Kwik Check location, which can be used for cash inside the store or at the gas pump. Guests can earn four loyalty points with every food item purchased, which equals four cents off at the pump. 

Last year, Kwik Chek announced a plan to rebrand all store locations to Texas Born (TXB), with construction on four stores already underway, to emphasize the Texas roots and values which the brand was built upon. Kwik Chek will rebrand all 47 locations under its bold, black and white logo for TXB and it will include newly packaged and designed private brand items such as TXB jerky products, bottled water and more.