Inside the rebranding of 365 Everyday Value

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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In January, Store Brandsspotted signage inside Whole Foods stores that tipped off a change coming to the grocer’s 365 Everyday Value brand, essentially replacing the words “Everyday Value” with “Whole Foods Market” and redesigning packages with a cleaner, bolder look.


As the revamped products have been hitting store shelves since that signage teased the change, an article in Forbes teased some reasons behind the rebranding.

For one, the author posed that when Amazon looked at the Whole Foods business it saw a redundancy in the Whole Foods Market brand and the 365 Everyday Value brand, so the rebrand is more of a merger into the Whole Foods Market brand and to fully step further away from the 365 Everyday Value brand. 

The article talks about the history of the 365 brand, how it began as an own brand product inside a smaller format store called 365 Store. The test stores launched before Amazon, who not long after it took over Whole Foods, remodeled those stores into Whole Foods Markets. This latest private brand change for 365 Everyday Value can be looked at as a similar remodeling.

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