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Holiday spirit in the freezer case

Store Brands in the Wild visited Vons on the West Coast and saw holiday flavors of own brand ice cream back in stock.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Store Brands in the Wild made a fall shopping trip to Vons in Santa Ana, Calif. recently, finding the seasonal own brand ice cream cold vault fully stocked.

Signature Select ice cream is an Albertsons own brand, as Vons is a banner of the company, and holiday flavors are back in time for the season. Like Publix recently, Vons offered several unique fall and winter-inspired flavors of ice cream alongside classic flavors in 1.5 quart sizes. Albertsons own brand selection of ice cream is extensive, including unique flavors from Signature Select, and dairy-free options from Open Nature.


The nearly fully-stocked freezer display showcased the unique flavors in eye-catching packaging. The eggnog and pumpkin pie ice cream stuck out the most in their bright containers. Caramel swirl apple pie, peppermint were other holiday flavors from the Signature Select line, which was shelved above mainstay flavors like chocolate, salted caramel pretzel, moose tracks and cookie explosion.

The seasonal ice cream was offered at the affordable member price of $3.99. Shelved right near one of the store's entrances, the affordable, unique holiday flavors are sure to catch the attention of Vons shoppers.

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