Grocers Rank As Most Reputable In New Consumer Survey

Several leading regional and national chains are lauded by consumers for their business operations in the annual Axios-Harris Poll 100.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's is one of several grocery store highly ranked by consumers.

Grocery stores earned high marks from consumers as the reputation for several leading chains has been enhanced by their efforts to overcome challenges ranging from the pandemic to supply chain.

In the Axios-Harris Poll 100, an annual ranking of the reputations of the most visible companies in the United States, grocers including Trader Joe’s, HEB and Wegmans join Patagonia and Hershey as the five most reputable businesses.

"As Americans move on from COVID, they are looking at corporate reputation through a more practical lens," said John Gerzema, CEO of The Harris Poll. "Companies delivering on time and keeping their promises despite supply-chain issues are being held in high regard. Businesses that also do their part to create a better world – whether through sustainability or taking a stand on authentic social issues – also are being rewarded."

This year, grocery dominates the top 100 list. In addition to the three chains in the Top-5, Publix and Kroger are also ranked in the Top-25.

The Axios Harris Poll 100 is based on a survey of 33,096 Americans in a nationally representative sample conducted March 11-April 3, 2022.

The Axios-Harris Poll 100 has ranked reputation since 1999. The survey's Reputation Quotient (RQ) ranking is based on companies that are most visible to the general population and on their performance in seven key areas:

  • Trust – "Is this a company I trust?"
  • Vision – "Does this company have a clear vision for the future?"
  • Growth – "Is this a growing company?"
  • Products and Services – "Does this company develop innovative products and services that I want and value?"
  • Culture – "Is this a good company to work for?"
  • Ethics – "Does this company maintain high ethical standards?"
  • Citizenship – "Does this company share my values and support good causes?"