Fuchs launches seasoning line inspired by family recipes

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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A seasonings and spices manufacturer has launched a new line inspired by favorite family recipes of team members at the company.

Baltimore-based Fuchs North America introduced the Family Recipes Collection, four seasoning blends that are available under its private label production capabilities in bulk orders and being offered to food manufacturers and foodservice firms, too. The blends include Tangy & Sour Schmear Seasoning, Jambalaya Seasoning, Lemon Square Seasoning and Zucchini Bread Seasoning.


“Nostalgic comfort foods are on the rise now more than ever, as consumers tend to reach for their childhood favorites in times of stress,” said Shannon Cushen, director of marketing at Fuchs. “At the same time, they're still seeking out trendy and exciting new flavors to shake things up. Our newest collection delivers on nostalgia, while providing new takes on old favorites. We transformed some of our team members’ family recipes into seasonings that deliver not only the nostalgia that consumers are seeking, but that also reflect many of the flavor trends we’re anticipating for 2021.”

As for some of the origins of inspiration for the seasonings, the Tangy & Sour Schmear Seasoning came from food scientist Alyssa Chircus who said it was based on one of her mother’s go-to holiday recipes and it can be put on brisket or bread or be used in a dip, for example.

Dan Grazaiitis, director of research and development at the company, kicked off the Zucchini Bread Seasoning, inspired by his family’s recipe that uses nutmeg as the star. The Lemon Square Seasoning came from Ken Wuestenfeld’s grandmother. The vice president of sales and technical services said the seasoning recalls tart, sour and sweet notes of the recipe that was passed down for generations in his family.

“We create flavors consumers will love to pass around,” Wuestenfeld said of the new collection. “Our flavors bring people together — and keep them coming back for more.”

Fuchs North America has been part of Fuchs Gruppe since 1990, the world’s largest privately-held seasoning and spice company that operates on four continents.