From the Editors: Make it work

Seth Mendelson
Publisher and Editor in Chief
Seth Mendelson profile picture

Why do a virtual trade show?

The answer is quite simple. Because our industry, as with just about any industry, needs a place to congregate, discuss and show our customers what is coming down the pike.

With no in-person events likely to happen well into late this year, PLMA stepped up to the plate and developed PLMA Live! Private Label Week. It is an outstanding attempt to bring us all together to think both inside and outside the box.

And, from what I saw yesterday and earlier this morning, it is off to a great start.

Everyone agrees that in-person events are the best way to interact with a customer. But that is not possible this year. So, here we are, sitting at our kitchen tables or home office work stations talking to people from around the globe about the world of private label and what can be done to maintain the category’s growth, during a pandemic and when it finally ends.

Let’s make the best of it.

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