Edgewell Sharpens Focused On Retail Partnerships

Company officials tell Store Brands the recent private brand group rebrand was done to raise the profile of its selection of shave products.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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When Edgewell Consumer Products rebranded its private brand group just prior to the start of the New Year, the goal for the company was to be a “true partner with retailers.”

Rob Goodwin, vice president of Marketing and New Product Development at Edgewell, told Store Brands that this effort will allow retailers to more clearly see the tangible and intangible benefits of partnering with his company for products in the shave category.

“This includes superior customer service, QA support, access to a full range of technologies, consumer insights, all based on a deep understanding of the category,” he said.

A major part of the rebranding initiative also included revamping the company’s website with the goal of speaking more directly to retailers across the globe.

“With this, we aimed to build a website and a look that accurately conveyed our message and better aligned with the level of offerings we provide,” Goodwin said.

With the private label segment of the shave category has been gaining steadily over the past several years, Goodwin said Edgewell has kept pace by offering technological advances that have improved shave performance for consumers. 

While numerous other product categories have seen a notable shift to private label products from consumers seeking to save money in the face of higher prices, Goodwin said it is still too early to measure the full impact inflation has on consumer shopping habits in the shave category.

“We see generally a strong performance in private label shaving, which makes sense given consumers are more concerned about making their money go farther,” he said.

Edgewell Custom Brands is a division of Edgewell Personal Care and is a leading supplier of private label razors in the world. It counts brick and mortar as well as direct–to–consumer retailers amongst its customers. With more than 135 years of wet shaving legacy and a worldwide roster of major retailers and incoming disruptors alike, it works closely with its partners to provide a consumer-focused and category-driven perspective on private brands.