Diving into the industry

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Diving into the industry

By Seth Mendelson - 02/19/2020
Click here for the digital edition of the new Store Brands magazine.

A new look; a new attitude. The same commitment to addressing the needs of the entire private label industry, from suppliers and distributors to the retailers who are relying on the category to build profits and differentiation in a chaotic marketplace.

This is Store Brands in 2020. As you will notice, we have changed the look of the magazine and, at the same time, are changing the editorial focus to give the private label community more of what they need to be better partners with each other.

Our goal: to be a conduit between the various partners in this growing and dynamic industry. Our job is to give the industry as much news as possible — whether it is breaking news through our website, storebrands.com, our daily newsletter and, of course, our magazine, Store Brands, which has for decades served as the voice of the private label and store brands industry.

And, it is to talk about the trends that may impact the industry over the next few months or the next few years. We invite you to come along for the ride. Starting immediately, our readers can expect to see more coverage of what retailers are doing to embrace private label and take advantage of its growing power. That means learning how to do more with private label and store brand merchandise to maximize sales, profits and the ability to draw more consumers into their stores.

Readers also will see more comments from the suppliers in this industry. Who knows more about private label than the companies that produce the products? We will rely on these experts to give us the lay of the land in private label and to tell retailers and others what might be coming down the pike in the near future and how to prepare for that.

Private label is at the forefront of retail these days for good reason. As we all know, competition among retailers is at an all-time high, and merchants must pull out all the stops to differentiate themselves from the competition. Quality private label products can accomplish that goal and also add some much-needed profits to any retailer’s bottom line.

The key is doing it right, and it is our responsibility, as a voice for the industry, to get the right information into the hands of the right people so that the right strategies can be developed.

Store Brands is here to help. Please reach out to us with any questions and needs. We need your input to be ultimately successful and our doors, plus phones, emails and texts, are wide open.

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