Carrefour debuts stronger digital, retail media platform Carrefour Links

The retail media platform introduces a partnership with LiveRamp and others that will enable it to provide deep dives into how own brands and national brands are doing to meet shoppers.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Carrefour and its network of more than 13,000 stores in more than 30 countries has tapped LiveRamp and its Safe Haven platform for data collaboration and analytics, and rolled it into the unveiling of a new retail media platform it is calling Carrefour Links.

The platform utilizes technology from Google Cloud, Criteo and the newly signed partner LiveRamp to offer a more personalized digital offering to its shoppers. The retailer said 80% of Carrefour customers say that they want a customized offering, and they also want customized attention at each stage of the purchase path.

The platform helps branded consumer goods companies partner with the retailer on data collaboration on a global scale to inform rollouts, and the program helps Carrefour learn more about its portfolio of own brands and how they meet shopper needs.

A spokesperson with the chain told Store Brands: “We are convinced that a retailer has a duty to always serve its customers better and to meet their expectations. And this is what retail media allows us to do by proposing tailor-made offers from our suppliers, in line with their consumption habits. This partnership with LiveRamp will allow us to better respond to the expectations of our consumers, whether it is for private or public labels. The whole Carrefour e-commerce ecosystem, in all our countries, will benefit from this.”

Carrefour Links combines the Group's retail expertise with the very best technologies available for storing and processing data and keeping it secure. Carrefour Links is structured around four types of solutions:

  • Capture: finding new customers and prospective customers for a brand.
  • Convert: making the experience more fluid so as to improve conversion throughout the customer journey (online, as well as omnichannel, with the right offering at the right time).
  • Converse: developing a sustainable relationship with Carrefour customers.
  • Comprehend: managing activity and performance with cutting-edge dashboards providing a complete overview of product performance and shopper journey.

For San Francisco-based LiveRamp's part, its Safe Haven platform is available in the U.S., U.K., France, China, Japan and Australia, and, with Carrefour, is expanding into Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Argentina, Brazil and Taiwan. The program will work with the Carrefour Links, along with Google Cloud and Criteo, to provide data-driven, digital solutions.

“LiveRamp will be a critical accelerator of Carrefour’s transformation into an industry-leading data-driven retailer,” said Elodie Perthuisot, executive director e-commerce, data and digital transformation, Carrefour Group. “We are delivering great value by working more collaboratively with our CPG and retail supply partners with Carrefour Links. We are excited by our partnership with LiveRamp, working together to deliver robust new consumer insights and capabilities to hundreds of our CPG partners on a global scale.”

By delivering data connectivity and identity management in a neutral, secure and permissioned environment, LiveRamp makes a breadth of new use cases and revenue streams possible for retailers while transforming the way they work with their supply partners such as for store brands. Through Carrefour Links, Safe Haven enables Carrefour to partner more closely with its partners across nine international markets to deliver enhanced data collaboration capabilities including:

  • Deeper Insights and Analytics 一 Packaged reports provide robust insights into campaign performance, category management, and shopper analytics. Safe Haven also offers the ability for data science teams to utilize their own models and machine learning.
  • Omnichannel Activation 一 Activate CPG campaigns using Carrefour data across social and open web platforms and Carrefour owned-and-operated assets.
  • Better Measurement 一 National brand partners an own brand suppliers can better understand the impact of marketing activities on sales utilizing retail data and move the needle to drive key business outcomes.

“Data is transforming the customer experience globally – and Carrefour is at the very forefront of this trend with its Carrefour Links platform,” said Warren Jenson, president of LiveRamp. “With LiveRamp Safe Haven, brands and their partners can now safely collaborate to deliver better customer experiences and drive business outcomes. We are proud to enable this groundbreaking capability for Carrefour across its CPG partner network and in over nine countries.”

Carrefour has worked with Criteo since 2014, committing to a further three-year partnership this year. The partnership enables advertisers to promote their products using innovative, customizable content, targeting Carrefour's customers across all of its sites and apps.

The retailer has also been working with Google since 2018, strengthening the collaboration in 2021 by signing a new global contract that aims at enabling Carrefour to become a 100% cloud company in all of its markets.