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A Call for Top Products, Retail Solutions

Store Brands wants to build out a printed guide to best-selling products and services in its November issue.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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In a pandemic year, innovation is tough. Supply chains are challenged and just getting high quality own brand products to the shelves is priority, but retailers and suppliers still find ways to inspire shoppers — with new and time-tested offerings.

Store Brands also understands — again, in a pandemic year — it’s tough for suppliers and retailers to get together and discuss ways to inspire shoppers. As 2021 winds down, Store Brands wants to field a guide inside its November issue that celebrates the best-selling products from suppliers over the past year for retailers to consider when developing items for their private brand lines, as well as any new and innovative products that manufacturers have dreamed up for consideration by retailers.

It’s a guide to showcase what’s out there. It’s a guide to show product innovation and best-selling items. It's a guide to show retail is robust with products and services for  own brand development.

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To be featured, the process is simple. Head to this link, tell us about a product, and share a photo. That’s it. We’ll fill up our print pages with the products — create a printed guide that retailers can look at for inspiration. In a virtual world, let it be a temporary directory of sorts, and Store Brands wants to fill it up with cool, noteworthy products. We want your help to showcase your products.

Send us best-selling, innovative, reliable, quality food, nonfood products. Send us packaging types. Send us retail solutions for store brand programs.

Tell us what you want to tell retailers so we can build out this guide together. The deadline to submit is Oct. 18.

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