Boots UK builds store brand tights from plastic bottles

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Boots UK builds store brand tights from plastic bottles

By Dan Ochwat - 03/05/2020

Boots UK is turning plastic bottles into own brand fashion.

The retailer announced that it has created Boots brand eco-friendly opaque tights that are being made from plastic bottles. The nylons launch March 16 at and in Boots stores.

The Nottingham, U.K.-based retailer, part of Walgreens Boots Alliance, said it takes roughly four plastic bottles to make one pair of the fashionable tights. The bottles are shredded into micro-particles, melted down and spun into yarn. That yarn is then knitted into the black, opaque tights that the company said are durable and as comfortable as standard nylons.

Boots UK expects to transition 86,000 plastic bottles into the store brand tights, an environmental initiative to join others such as switching from plastic to paper bags, putting refillable water stations into stores and now stocking more than 150 sustainable products.

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