Blockgraph, Catalina partner to better measure TV ads

The two companies have partnered to better understand the impact of TV ads on shopping habits, including on private label products.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Shopper intelligence company Catalina has launched a new partnership aimed at allowing advertisers in CPG and retail to better understand the impact of TV advertising on consumer habits. 

According to the agreement between Catalina and tech company Blockgraph, media advertisers in the CPG industry will gain access to Catalina’s purchase-based audiences, which can be associated with MVPD households through Blockgraph’s Identity Operating System (IDoS). As a result, CPG advertisers will be able to leverage aggregated and de-identified data insights tied to Catalina’s household identity graph of over 110 million households and more accurately target audiences across convergent TV campaigns, while also facilitating more “robust and anonymized measurement and attribution insights.”

“As audiences become increasingly fragmented due to a combination of multi-screen viewership and an explosion in new entertainment services, marketers and programmers face additional pressure to understand where media is consumed and by whom,” said Catalina. “TV advertisers are transitioning their decision-making strategies away from demographic targeting and panel-based measurement insights to addressable, deterministic, purchase-based audiences and measurement tools. These new solutions are essential for driving return on ad spend across screens, platforms, and services.”

The partnership is Catalina’s latest, most recently following a collaboration with GSTV to measure the impact of gas pump ads. The group also recently released data on holiday snacking habits.

“The past two years have been transformative for retail, advertising and entertainment, and marketers are no longer content to accept the status quo when it comes to planning their investments,” said Jason Manningham, CEO of Blockgraph. “Catalina offers an essential service by empowering advertisers to understand precisely when and how their campaigns are leading to purchases, and our new partnership will offer a much broader window into how convergent TV advertisements result in CPG transactions across a fragmented landscape. We look forward to working with Catalina to help advertisers extract maximum value from their increasingly complex TV investments.”

Using Blockgraph’s IDoS, Catalina says advertisers can use the cross-platform measurement capabilities to identify audiences who saw a specific ad, define segments that should see the ad and measure those who converted to a digital or in-store sale. This information will allow marketers, including those in the private label segment, to continuously change their campaigns for improved reach and outcomes.

“We are focused on personalizing the shopper journey and delivering more effective advertising experiences in-store, online and on TV,” said Brian Dunphy, SVP of strategic partners at Catalina. “By partnering with Blockgraph, we’re taking a significant step forward in leveraging our offline real-time purchase insights to reach and identify shoppers across the increasingly complex convergent TV environment. This new relationship will deliver noticeable benefits to media companies, advertisers and consumers alike."