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Being a source of stability

A letter from Store Brands — here and delivering daily — and seeking New Year’s Resolutions from readers on how to be greater.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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To our readers, 

We’re here. We’ve been here. Through two tumultuous years, we’ve tried to present content that addresses the challenges facing private label and find where it’s excelling, and I don’t think there’s any source with a daily output like ours, giving you reporting with integrity and analysis on new launches to data reports, special reports, profiles, Q&As, etc. We’ve also launched virtual events, like our Store Brands Industry Forums Series to try and find new ways to connect. 

But, it’s resolution season, so I’m seeking your help to find ways to improve. 

I certainly have my own resolutions at play (less ice cream before bed) but I deeply want to set some goals for Store Brands in 2022. So, upfront, please reach out and let me know what stories you want to see covered, what kinds of events you would like to see, what are the issues keeping you up at night that we can explore via reports, research, webinars, etc.? 

Inform me so we can better inform you. This isn’t lip service, I really want to hear from you, and I’d rather hear it directly, warts and all, than through a survey.

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Where to Find Us
I also invite you to stay in touch with the content we’re delivering daily through our newsletter, where you can sign up here, but also through posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Along with myself, you’ll see a lot of bylines from Associate Editor Zachary Russell, who joined us a few months ago. Together, we’re scouring daily to bring you the news that’s out there and these are great ways to stay in touch with the output.

Store Brands as a vehicle also aims to connect customers and their customers, building the strength of our audience in new ways and looking to dive into different platforms beyond print like video, research, special content, events, however it can best serve someone looking to get out in front of this audience. Let us know how we can work with you.

Throughout 2022, Store Brands has virtual forums scheduled on a variety of areas: sustainability, consumer insights, e-commerce and more. On Jan. 19, we look to kick off a day of four panels addressing key pandemic categories in nonfoods and feature a keynote address from FMI and FitForCommerce on how to improve the private brand presence online.

For a look at stories and content we're aiming to deliver in our print issues in 2022, as well as the options to engage with our newsletter, through video, polls, animated graphics or however you're looking to engage, also visit our 2022 media kit here.

The New Year is around the corner, and Store Brands simply wanted to say we're here and looking to connect to further what you want to get out of your business. We've been here through these tough days, delivering content that matters.

And we want to be better, so send me your ideas, and help me build our Store Brands resolutions for the New Year.

If I don’t hear from you, I’m going to be working hard to find resolutions, regardless, as we aim to continue to build off our foundation of being a news source that delivers first, with integrity and is working to get out in front of the headwinds of what’s next in retail.

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