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Lawrence Aylward

Editor In Chief

Lawrence Aylward is Editor in Chief for Store Brands.

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December 2019

Despite the challenge of changing demographics, there are certain areas of the population that are ripe for innovative store brands

November 2019

Because of increased quality and value, more retailers can promote their private brands as go-to products for Thanksgiving dinner. Check out what ALDI is doing
Grocer's popular private brands just keep getting even more popular and its fan base just keeps growing
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Articles by this author

December 2019

From products to packaging, store brands will need to embrace "remarkable shifts in innovation strategies"

Clothing is catching the attention of retailers on the hunt for higher profit margins and brand growth

Todd Vasos says retailer is executing a variety of tactics to drive additional growth of its store brands

Retailer also announced it's ending "strategic relationship" with Lucky's Market, where Kroger sold its Simple Truth products

But retailer's latest limited-time offering might be "too cute to eat"

Retail behemoth also said it delivered millions of grocery items to Prime members in the U.S. through the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday

Jesper Højer, who resigned from Lidl in April, calls new venture a great opportunity

November 2019

Findings in KPMG's "The Truth About Customer Loyalty" Report could pose opportunities for private brands

Ahold Delhaize USA's services company joins Global Data Synchronization Network

Agency said it plans to provide an update on the progress of its regulatory approach to CBD products in the coming weeks

Former stock broker lists three reasons why grocer can take on retail behemoth

In a word, "competitive," says Angel McPherson in an interview with "Store Brands"

Retailer, which treats its private brands like brands, touted for its clarity of strategy, digital resources and other performance factors

For several grocers, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is their busiest day of the year — and a prime time push their private brands

Retailer committed to "incredible customer service" and is always looking for ways to make its stores accessible to everyone"

Retailer is remodeling stores and investing in its future — with private brands playing a key role

Retailer using its extensive private brands program to make a statement about its commitment to reduce plastic waste

PLMA’s chairperson of the board says “rapid and accelerating pace of change is new normal” for private brands

Retailer says food waste generated by its retail stores decreased 9% in the past year

At Private Label Trade Show, Jim Wisner advises retailers to get into the segment now and get to market quickly

Ahold Delhaize USA services company on mission to make all of its private brand products free from a list of undesirable ingredients

Target aims to reduce carbon footprint, among other things

Since 2008, H-E-B has given out more than 2 million reusable bags in celebration of Earth Day

More grocery retailers like Albertsons Cos. are embracing concept to do the right thing and to differentiate

Retailers can increase sales of private brands in vitamins, minerals and supplements by continuing to educate consumers online and in-store

Sales of retailer’s Our Brands continue to grow faster than its total store sales

Sustainability is also a major component of flexible packaging and a big reason that more retailers and manufacturers are interested in using it

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