Amazon private label apparel gets forest friendly

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Amazon’s amped up its sustainability commitment around its private brand apparel by joining forces with CanopyStyle, an organization that protects endangered forests that are used for apparel fabrics.

The e-tailing giant that carries a huge assortment of more than 60 private brands in apparel has set a goal by 2022 that zero of its private label clothing will include “rayon or viscose derived from ancient and endangered forests, or from endangered species’ habitats or other controversial sources as defined by Canopy reports and tools.”

The CanopyStyle initiative said that with Amazon’s 100 million members worldwide, the company can “catalyze a major shift in the fashion and e-commerce industries as well as contribute significantly to global conservation efforts.”

Adding Amazon, now puts the CanopyStyle initiative at more than 320 brands, retailers and designers pledging to protect endangered forests, eliminating ancient and endangered forest fibre from their fabrics.

Amazon announced its CanopyStyle commitment as part of a suite of sustainability initiatives including packaging, leather and clothing. Canopy’s work with Amazon is currently focused on viscose fabrics, but the company expects to expand the partnership to address raw material sourcing and broader next-generation solutions for their packaging and ensuring they are in-line with scientific imperatives for forest protection.

Canopy is working with hundreds of companies to reach critical 2030 climate and biodiversity milestones by replacing half of tree fibre currently used in the viscose and packaging supply chains with new alternatives.