Amazon Go Grocery, 7-Select’s Muy Caliente!

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Amazon Go Grocery, 7-Select’s Muy Caliente!

By Dan Ochwat - 02/27/2020

Intrigue surrounding Amazon’s supermarket moves — both its new 10,700-sq.-ft. Amazon Go Grocery store that just opened in Seattle and its budding grocery stores in Woodland, Calif., and Naperville, Ill. — warrants a change of pace in the wild. 

Mike Troy, editor-in-chief of Retail Leader, visited the new Amazon Go Grocery in Seattle and snapped pictures. At first glance, the location looks like one of the 25 existing Amazon Go stores, but the clear standout is its size and breadth of assortment, as Amazon Go Grocery is nearly four times larger than a typical Amazon Go box.

Check out the full article at Retail Leader, including depictions of traffic and buying behavior.

7-Select gummies

In a 7-Eleven travel stop off the highway in Vernon Hills, Ill., a shipper with Latin-flavored gummies jumped out at the door, showcasing more innovation from the convenience store chain with three new flavors: Mango Chamoy, Pineapple Habanero and Tamarind Chamoy.

Chamoy is a flavoring in Mexican dishes, known to come from pickled fruit and seasoned with chile powder. That latter is what adds the “Muy Caliente” callout to the clever candies.

Fun packaging with cartoon images of gummies on the bags looking like they're on vacation or roasting in hell certainly add to heavy grab-and-go appeal of the product.

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