Amazon adds condiments to private label assortment

Amazon has launched four salsa products under the Solimo brand.

Amazon is now offering its own variations of condiments within its private-label brand assortments, according to TJI Research.

As the company continues to expand its private label food and beverage efforts, it has for the first time launched private label salsas, vinegars and mustards.

According to the article, four salsa products have launched under the Solimo brand. They are:

  • Solimo Traditional Medium Salsa

  • Solimo Traditional Hot Salsa

  • Solimo Traditional Mild Salsa

  • Solimo Hot Chunky Salsa

In addition, four oils and vinegar products have launched under Amazon’s Happy Belly brand:

  • Happy Belly Vegetable Oil

  • Happy Belly Canola Oil

  • Happy Belly White Distilled Vinegar

  • Happy Belly Red Wine Vinegar

Amazon has also launched three mustard products under its Happy Belly brand as well:

  • Happy Belly Spicy Brown Mustard

  • Happy Belly Yellow Mustard

  • Happy Belly Dijon Mustard

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