Albertsons’ Signature Care bins boost center store

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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This week spawned a visit to an Albertsons-operated Jewel-Osco banner in Chicago to stock up on groceries and to — more importantly — begin my entry into the retailer’s annual Monopoly sweepstakes.

The store was wall-to-wall with floorstands, large spectacular displays and aisle signage touting participating products like Pepsi, Doritos and many more that earn shoppers Monopoly pieces at checkout. You then track and play over the mobile app.

The game is primarily a driver of national brands but I did notice some aisle blades positioned near store brand product such as in the cereal aisle. 

However, Uncle Pennybags and Monopoly aside, what struck me most during this trip were several dump bins positioned throughout the store like droids promoting various health, personal care and nonfood items for the company’s Signature Care line.

Products featured were Signature Care children’s ibuprofen, cleaning wipes, cotton balls and batteries. I spotted at least five bins, and the very clean presentation of the displays jump out at you down an aisle, especially when rolling right through the center of the store where I saw four units strategically placed like guideposts, greeting me and offering me an easy opportunity to lean over, grab and keep shopping.

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