7-Eleven boosts private brand beverages with Triton

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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7-Eleven is adding to its arsenal of private brand beverages, unveiling a new energy drink Triton, made with L-Theanine that helps provide a sugar-free energy drink option.

The retailer recently rolled out a new private brand Icelandic spring water and has a range of 7-Select cold-pressed juices, own brand versions of organic milk and its Replenish sports drinks, and more.

Triton comes in three flavors in original (a citrus-style flavor), strawberry kiwi and blood orange yuzu. Last year, 7-Eleven launched the store brand Quake Energy Drink, along with a matching Slurpee.

"7‑Eleven is one of the leading beverage sellers in the U.S., and our private brand drinks are a growing segment of that business," said Jack Stout, 7‑Eleven senior vice president, merchandising and demand chain. "And that's not by accident. We are always looking for ways to improve quality and offer taste profiles that are new and trending at a great value." 

Store Brandsprofiled 7-Eleven’s private brand food and nonfood products. 

Triton is described as a drink built for the mind and body, containing caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine, which are both sourced from green tea leaves. The beverage also has B vitamins, ginseng, taurine, guarana and amino acids. For a limited time, Triton is available in stores on a deal to buy one get one free.