7-Eleven is all about that 24/7 LIFE

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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7-Eleven is rolling out more than 200 products under a new private brand name: 24/7 LIFE. Headlined by a range of new electronics accessories like ear buds, chargers and speakers, the brand will also incorporate nonfood items like OTC drugs, office items, toiletries, cleaning supplies and more (some of which were previously found under its 7-Select name).

Packaging will be color-coded under its trademark hues of green, red and orange and, according to the company, further positions the retailer as a truly, convenience-based destination. The products, particularly the new line of electronics needs, will be available at all participating 7-Eleven stores but will be especially found near hotels, airports and stadiums.

“We provide customers with what they want, when they want it — 24/7, for life’s needs,” said Tim Cogil, senior director of private brands at Irving, Texas-based 7-Eleven. “Whether that’s wireless earbuds on the way to the airport, medicine for a sick child, sunscreen at the beach or detergent for laundry, 7-Eleven has the products they need at a terrific value.”

All private label packaged foods and beverages will continue to be sold under the 7-Select name, which was introduced 15 years ago, but nonfood items will transition to 24/7 LIFE. The brand carries a new stylized script logo for 24/7 and currently some items can be found via 7-Eleven's 7NOW delivery service. 

The move draws a clear line between 7-Eleven's packaged food and fresh foods under the 7-Select line, an area the retailer is increasingly innovating on new flavors and foods, and the nonfood, convenience-based items.

Electronics accessories include ear buds, speakers, wireless charging pads, cables, phone mounts, screen cleaning kits, and more. Nonfood items range from OTC medicines, pain-relief medicines, batteries, health and beauty aids, cleaning supplies, paper goods, office supplies, wine accessories, travel-size toiletries and more.

“It’s important 7-Eleven customers know they are getting accessories for their electronic devices that are benchmarked to meet the same standards as those from top manufacturers,” Cogil said.

The company cited a stat that eight out of 10 Americans buy private brands today and that millennials have an affinity toward private brands.