Who has the most trusted private brand portfolio?

BrandSpark's latest Most Trusted Award shows which grocery chains rank the best among 32 categories, including most trusted private brands.
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Walmart, H-E-B, Hy-Vee, Kroger and Publix all have reason to celebrate their private brands following a recent award report on the grocery industry. 

Newsweek magazine and BrandSpark International, a brand research firm, teamed up to release a special edition of its BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards to acknowledge America’s most trusted grocers. In a survey of 3,200 shoppers, those five grocery chains ranked as the five most trusted stores for private label products.

Trust leaders were identified in 32 categories, including the Top 5 grocery retailers nationally and in four major regions, by store format and across 22 attributes that drive trust, including own brands.

"When grocers prioritize trust building, they create a win-win for themselves and consumers", said Adam Bellisario, associate vice president of BrandSpark. "Trust building requires you to identify your strengths and weaknesses on key drivers, put an action plan in place to increase trust, and then measure the results.”

The big winner in the study was Walmart, taking fifteen #1 rankings and proving their promises of everyday low prices and one-stop-shopping convenience continue to resonate with shoppers. However, the success was not without competition. H-E-B achieved #1 ranking for Easy Checkout Experience and Enjoyable In-store Experience, along with top 3 ranking on 8 important attributes. Kroger and ALDI ranked second and third behind Walmart as the most trusted grocery nationally and in the Midwest.

“Shoppers want their grocery trips to be convenient and efficient, especially during the pandemic and this busy holiday season,” said Philip Scrutton, vice president of shopper insights at BrandSpark. “This means easily finding the quality items they expect at great-to-fair prices. Great grocers are trusted to fulfill this time after time and across channels, while the best add exceptional service or unexpected value.”

Full award results of trust leaders in 32 specific categories from the report are listed below.

grocery data
grocery data