What store brands made the pre-shop shopping list?

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Costco’s Kirkland brand and Walmart’s Great Value are the most popular store brands to get named on a consumer’s shopping list, according to exclusive insights pulled from the mobile platform AdAdapted.

The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based company is a mobile advertising platform that has the capability to analyze consumer mobile shopping lists across third-party grocery apps, identifying item and category performance across a broad audience of mobile shopping list builders.


For Store Brands, the company looked at which private brands stood out on their own and made the most mobile shopping lists, finding Walmart’s Great Value and Costco’s Kirkland brands frequently got listed from November 2019 to November 2020.

Looking at a category breakdown, the most popular Kirkland items to make it to a shopping list were water, wipes and toilet paper. The most popular Great Value items were milk, cheese and water.

AdAdpated listed the 10 most popular items listed under the private brand names and then of that share of the top 10 items, milk garnered nearly a third of share for Great Value. For Kirkland, water got nearly 15% of the share of top 10 items.

The most popular items for Kirkland in descending order were water, wipes, toilet paper, protein bars, coffee, laundry detergent, paper towels, chicken, butter and milk.


The most popular items for Great Value in descending order were milk, cheese, water, trash and resealable bags, coffee, drink mix, chicken, shredded cheese, sugar and bread.

The AdAdapted platform is a mobile advertising platform primarily for CPGs looking to connect brands with shoppers through integrations with shopping list apps.

The data pulled for Store Brands also included a look at such isolated categories as pasta sauce, butter and seasonings, finding retailer names listed in place of a brand. For example, in pasta sauce Ragu was the top listed brand name, followed by Prego and Classico on a shopping list, but Great Value ranked sixth, Costco eighth, Kroger ninth and Aldi 10th.

In butter, Great Value ranked fifth, with Kroger, Costco and Aldi also making the top 10. In seasonings, Costco finished eighth.

The platform has released a white paper on consumers use of shopping lists and mobile, identifying trends such as during the pandemic users of shopping list apps grew by 26% with a more-than-44% increase in total products added to lists. The white paper looks at popular categories like baking, frozen foods and more, and it can be downloaded here.