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Wegmans highlights meat alternatives, convenient pasta

Store Brands in the Wild takes a trip to the only Wegmans’ only location in the five boroughs of New York City to see what meat alternatives are on offer.
David Salazar
Managing Editor
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a display in a store filled with lots of food

With plant-based meats continuing to gain attention from shoppers, retailers increasingly are rolling out their own brands of meat alternatives. No stranger to this effort, Wegmans is emphasizing its extensive plant-based meat selection in the frozen aisle. 

Spotted at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Wegmans, the retailer’s own brand of cheekily named meat alternatives take center stage in a bank of freezers near the checkout. Among the selection are Don’t Have a Cow meatless burger-style patties and ground beef-style crumbles, Don’t Be Piggy breakfast sausage-style patties and sausage-style crumbles and Don’t Be Chicken faux-chicken nuggets and chicken cutlets. 

Outside of plant-based meats, the display also features Wegmans Organic brand veggie burgers in various varieties. While the display does include national brands, they all are secondary to the Wegmans brands in this particular freezer. 


In another aisle of Wegmans’ only location in the five boroughs, the retailer was highlighting its line of fully-cooked microwavable pastas. Sold in three varieties, the convenience offering was highlighted with a shelf taggin noting that it is a new item. 

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