Walmart debuts interactive cooking videos

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Walmart has developed an interactive, choose-your-own adventure digital cooking series that will greatly feature Great Value products alongside celebrity hosts.

The engaging videos are called Walmart Cookshop, powered by Eko, an Israel-based company with an office in New York. The series is launching with seven episodes but there will be 17 throughout 2020. Among the videos, they will feature 250 customizable scenarios.

The videos play like a choose-your-own cooking experience. For example, in the video “Veggie Boost with Jamie Oliver,” the celeb chef presents a cooking video to spice up a veggie dish, and the viewer can choose what items to use along the way such as what greens to use, what supporting protein and more. The video showcased multiple Great Value products during the cooking process and at the end delivered a link that directed viewers to buy an assortment of Great Value products at

A representative for the retailer told Store Brands that almost every episode will showcase Great Value products and a wide range of them. 

To kick off the interactive experience, actress Sofia Vergara will explain how the videos work and then some of the initial episodes include: