Waitrose tees up summer store brand launch

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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U.K. grocer Waitrose & Partners is introducing 70 new store brand products, and overhauling 17 existing items, all part of a summer splash that is bringing a total of 145 products to stores.

The range of products fall under its “Waitrose Scrumptious Summer” own brand — which is a selection of food and drinks that have a fun, innovative spin on classic or nostalgic flavors, according to the retailer in Bracknell, United Kingdom. 

Flavors include a Waitrose brand of Blueberry Crumble Ice Cream, Cherry Bakewell Yum Yums, Bacon & Egg Bites and Ginger Bee Spatchcock Chicken. The premium own brand items will launch at varying times over the summer, such as the Waitrose Scrumptious Summer Bacon & Egg Bites and Waitrose Scrumptious Summer Cherry Bakewell Yum Yums launching late summer.

Additionally, influenced by the success it had with its cheese raclette at Christmas, Waitrose will introduce a summer chilli raclette cheese that is ideal for “no-fuss summer dining and great for celebrations when lockdown lifts,” the company said.

Beth Elliot, brand Manager at Waitrose & Partners, said the grocer anticipates a summer where consumers will be spending more time outside. “We’ve reflected this by creating a range of ready to eat food and quick to prepare dishes which are tasty, exciting, foodie and fun — making them the perfect options for carpet picnics and barbecues,” Elliot said. “By putting all our summer products in an eye-catching, bright design, it helps our customers to shop quickly for food and drink and the innovative dishes and playful combinations showcase the very best flavors to brighten up summer with.”