Tops powers stores through solar farms, updates Flashfood success

The East-Coast retailer is working with Convergent Energy + Power to provide a renewable energy source at 75 stores and provided results from its Flashfood app partnership, resulting in millions of pounds of food diverted from landfills.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Tops Friendly Market has partnered with Convergent Energy + Power to bring a renewable energy source to more than 75 of its stores on the East Coast, where the retailer operates.

The locations will be powered by solar farms paired with battery storage, reducing the overall carbon footprint used in those stores. Convergent’s solar-plus-storage format helps the broader community, too, giving upstate New Yorkers access to solar energy whether or not the sun is shining and reduce the state’s reliance on power plants during peak demand hours.

“Our ongoing commitment to sustainability is met with enthusiasm and resolve every day, as we work to ensure we leave our communities — and our planet — better for the next generation,” said John Persons, president and chief operating officer, Tops Friendly Markets. “We are excited to be working with Convergent, a values-aligned business with the expertise to deliver solar energy to our stores as efficiently as possible.”

Tops also updated success from its Flashfood partnership, amid sharing sustainable news around Earth Day this month. The retailer began the partnership as a test and broadened out to 33 stores this year. The partnership has so far helped feed 223,642 shoppers and counting, divert 17,122,324 pounds of food from landfills and counting, and save 8,112,113 km worth of CO2, according to Tops.

 “When people think of climate change, they think of cars and planes and factories. They don't realize what a massive contributor food waste is to our warming planet,” said Josh Domingues, Flashfood CEO. “This Earth Day, we’re thrilled to be celebrating our partnership with Tops, a leader in environmental stewardship and responsible practices.”

Through the Flashfood mobile app, shoppers have access to branded and store brand foods that are nearing a sell-by date and at a discount as much as half off the original price. The items are available for pickup at a designated spot inside a Tops store.