Top Women In Store Brands 2022: Alexis Herbert, Daymon

Daymon's Business Manager Alexis Herbert has earned this year's Sparkplug award for ability to grow sales for her clients.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Alexis Herbert Daymon
Alexis Herbert

Alexis Herbert has only served as private brand consultancy Daymon’s Business Manager for a year now, but that hasn’t stopped her from making an impact for the company’s clients, earning her the TWISB Sparkplug award.

She recently helped one client launch multiple new items and close several banner distribution voids, growing their business by double digits while increasing private brand sales for the retailer. Herbert was successful in expanding business with one of her bakery manufacturers, launching 13 new programs in 2022 including several everyday items and multiple seasonal programs generating over $1.8M in sales for the manufacturer. In addition to her client support, she is in constant dialogue with Ahold Delhaize to help solve business issues.

As part of Daymon's Eastern Regional Sales Office, Herbert has broad responsibility leading business development efforts at Ahold Delhaize and select other New England retailers across center store grocery and fresh. In this role, she is focused on growing existing manufacturer client business and closure of new client representation

“I grew up shopping for private brand products,” said Herbert. “My original perception on private brands was solely a cheaper option for the consumer. While that remains true, I now see private brands as more than just a better price tag. Private brands can be innovative and exciting. I’ve learned store brand execution can be key to win over consumers. When a retailer can offer products that excite the consumer, everybody wins.”

Herbert’s nominator for the Sparkplug honor credited her with setting a great example for others on the Daymon team, always willing to take on new challenges, supporting her peers, and leading with a customer and client-first mindset.

“My job with Daymon gives me freedom to be creative and add my own personal touch to business development,” Herbert said. “I love that I’m able to start from scratch, take an idea and watch it transform into a product that could be very special to someone, in hundreds of stores. I am very passionate about food. Whether it be cooking, trying the newest and wildest trends, or sharing a meal with loved ones, I find it rewarding to be able to play a part in that."