Tokmanni, Europris leverage CBX platform for private label

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Tokmanni Europris Trading in Shanghai has tapped CBX Software and its Product Lifecycle Management solution to help Tokmanni and Europris, two discounters in Finland and Norway, respectively, strategically develop and source private brand products, as well as use software for supply chain automation.

Store Brands recently covered TradeBeyond, Hong Kong, a platform under CBX that helps retailers like Tractor Supply Co. source private label. Eric Linxwiler, senior vice president at TradeBeyond, said in that article that TradeBeyond provides the workflow and tools and messaging platform to execute the private label merchandise development process. “TradeBeyond provides a vetting service to verify suppliers; thus allowing it to be an open network similar to LinkedIn, and finally, data flows from TradeBeyond directly into Product Lifecycle Management, Product Information Management and Enterprise Resource Planning systems,” he said.

Tokmanni and Europris are similar retailers in that they carry a wide range of products such as tools, electrical equipment, clothing, home decor, garden, home cleaning, personal care products and food. Tokmanni and Europris operate around 200 stores in Finland, and Europris operates 235 stores in Norway to go along with an e-commerce business in that country. 

"Our product sourcing process is constantly being improved, and our existing program could not provide enough analytical data at the point of production and pre-shipment inspection," explains SzeWan Cheng (China), managing director of Tokmanni Europris Trading (Shanghai) Ltd. "We needed a single source of truth to combine information, including supplier/vendor master data, factory compliance, item, inspection, order follow-up and the overall critical path of our products.”

CBX empowers the supply chain network by driving collaboration to more than 15,000 retail and supplier partners, and 30,000 users in more than 50 countries.