Thrive Market sources private label through RangeMe

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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The e-commerce retailer focuses on health and wellness products.

Launching in Australia in 2014 and in the U.S. in 2015, the digital platform RangeMe has been building steam as a space where retailers can find product manufacturers. Well, in the world of private brands, the platform is also a tool for retailers to source new private brand products and partnerships.

Recently, the RangeMe platform posted a Q&A with Erin Shulman, senior food product innovator at Thrive Market, where she manages the market’s private label program. Thrive is a Los Angeles-based e-commerce retailer that focuses on health and wellness. Shulman spoke on how she uses San Francisco-based RangeMe to discover new products to roll into their private label line.

A screenshot of the RangeMe platform

Some of the highlights from the post include that Thrive mostly brings health and wellness products sourced on the west coast to shoppers in the midwest, where there seem to be less available, per Shulman.

Thrive Market has a team looking for frozen foods, seafood, meats and non-food products for possible private brand inclusion.

In the article, Shulman said she looks for clean labels and non-GMO products but is also interested in seeing the various formats that products come in, be it a pouch, jar, can, etc.

“It’s nice when brands display the different formats their products come in because as an e-commerce retailer, we need suppliers to offer versatility in changing packaging from glass to a pouch for example,” she said.

Other trends cited in the article that Shulman is attracted to is the growing plant-based product movement, sugar-free products and low-carb focused ingredients.

Read the full Q&A here.