Target remodels stores, with no two alike

Target is in the works with a major store update for more than 1,000 locations, it said on its website. The Minneapolis-based retailer said it tackled the project to meet demand “for an evolved customer experience.”

New elements were designed to facilitate shopping for Target’s own brands, national brands and design partner labels. These features include digital system and technology upgrades, elevated merchandise presentations to create “boutiques” throughout the stores and fulfillment services “to expedite shopping and make it efficient and fun,” the website noted.

The ambitious update is especially noteworthy in that no two stores will look alike. Target is approaching each remodel with customized enhancements in building spaces, fixtures, interior design, lighting and products.

“Because no two neighborhoods are exactly alike, each remodeled store is tailored with products and experiences to fit local guests’ needs,” Target said.

The next-generation, “customer-centric” stores will cost between $4 million and $10 million each to renovate, Justin Burns, senior group vice president of Target stores told the Chicago Tribune.

“We’ve already remodeled 110 stores across the nation this year,” Target said. “By 2020, we’ll re-imagine more than 1,000 of our stores, part of our $7-billion+ investment to become an even better, more modern Target for our guests.”