Survey shows shoppers sticking with private label during pandemic

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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New data from research consultancy Magid has found 7-in-10 U.S. shoppers purchasing private brands are likely to continue purchasing the store brands over the next month. This is a jump from Magid’s May study that found 6-in-10 shoppers saying they planned on continuing to buy store brands.

Magid shared the results from its forthcoming study with Store Brands. The latest wave of research surveyed 3,000 shoppers online during June 3-7 and found a rise in respondents continuing to purchase private label during the COVID-19 pandemic and liking it. The study found that 79% of those purchasing private label during the period said that “their experience is better or the same as their preferred products and brands.”

The study also found that 70% of those purchasing new private label products and brands said they are likely to continue purchasing the items next month; 81% of consumers have continued buying at least some of the new brands/products they tried during COVID-19, up from 78% in the previous wave of the study.

The study also looked at impulse behavior of shoppers and that includes making an impulse buy online. They study found that 16% of consumers “are making more online impulse purchases,” and snack foods (42%) and ice cream/frozen treats (38%) were the most popular impulse purchases by category. 

Consumers were likely to continue purchasing these impulse items if they were offered a “buy again” option (53%) or were provided a list of “hot deals” across all product categories showing what’s on sale (50%), showing that shoppers are tuned into online deals.