Sugar alternative introduced for private label c-store, foodservice

Sugar Foods has launched a sugar alternative soon to be available in single-serve and bulk options and can work with c-stores and foodservice operators on own brand products.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Multinational food product company Sugar Foods has launched a new line of products that may be ingredients in future private label products within the convenience store and foodservice sectors.

Sugar Foods’ N’Joy Cares products are made from N’Robed Sugar Crystals, delivering a sugar alternative that can be used in both hot or cold drinks.

"We are excited to be the first company to exclusively bring the N'Robed Sugar Crystals line to foodservice operators across sectors,” said Marty Wilson, president and CEO of Sugar Foods. “We are reinventing the concept of sugar usage. This novel sugar replacement is better for operations, is sustainably sourced and packaged, will help operators increase profitability, and reduce sugar and calorie intake by 50%.”

Sugar Foods’ N'Robed Sugar Crystals are made up of just two natural ingredients: sugar lightly coated, or enrobed, in zero-calorie Reb-M from fermented sugarcane. Reb-M is extracted from sugarcane, and not the stevia leaf, giving N'Robed Sugar Crystals the same taste and sweetness as plain sugar without the unpleasant aftertaste of stevia-derived sweeteners.

Sugar Foods is currently examining how the new product can fit with private label needs.

"While Sugar Foods Corp. does produce many products for private labels and store brands, at this time we are only selling our new enrobed sugar products through foodservice channels,” Sugar Foods told Store Brands. “We are working with foodservice chains, c-stores and others on back-of-house solutions, such as their private label iced teas, lemonades, cappuccino mixes and cocoa mixes."

N'Robed Sugar Crystals will be available in single-serve packets and sticks, pour canisters, and bulk bags for back-of-house beginning Oct. 15th. The company will also launch a new line of flavored N'Robed Turbinado Crystals to replace the need for liquid flavored syrups using the same N'Robing technology.