Study shows interest in plant-based products continues to grow

Per new research from the Plant Based Products Council, consumers are continuing to become more interested in plant-based products and the companies that make them.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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The public interest in plant-based products is continuing to grow, according to new research from the Plant Based Products Council (PBPC). The study showed that consumers have a growing awareness of plant-based products, and have greater interest in supporting companies that produce plant-based items, including more and more private brands.

PBPC is an association of organizations that advocate for the shift towards renewable and plant-based materials and products. The second annual consumer survey of 1,054 adults, conducted June-July 2021, explores the public’s perception and understanding of renewable and sustainable materials and products.

“We’re excited by the results of this year’s consumer research study, as it underscores the public’s desire for increased innovation and expansion of plant-based products,” said Jessica Bowman, executive director of PBPC. “PBPC and our members are eager to educate consumers on the many benefits of plant-based products as we work with business, science, and government stakeholders to guide the U.S. toward a more sustainable and responsible economy."

According to the study, more than four in 10 consumers (44%) said they were committed to using plant-based products in their daily life or see opportunities to integrate them into their lives. 57% of consumers reported using plant-based products at least once a week, up from 53% in 2020. 

More than two in three consumers (65%) reported they sometimes, frequently or always think about products made from plants when making purchasing decisions, ordering takeout delivery, eating at a restaurant, purchasing clothes or generally shopping. 82% of consumers said they are at least somewhat likely to consider purchasing or using products made from plants in the next three months, with only 4% of respondents saying they are not at all likely to consider purchasing or using them. Awareness in specific materials used in plant-based products, such as corn, bamboo, soybean and hemp increased across the board compared to 2020.

Finally, the PBPC reported that innovation is driving interest among consumers. 89% of consumers are somewhat, very, or extremely likely to support a company that produces and/or uses products made from plants. 61% of consumers are more interested in companies who produce or use plant-based products, and 62% are more interested in companies who are leading innovations in plant-based products.