Spotlight on organic store brands

Lauren Hartman
Managing Editor
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Consumers are trying and buying more organic/natural foods and strengthening their positive beliefs about such products enough for retailers to expand them significantly in the private brand space.

Bellevue, Wash.-based the Hartman Group has tracked one of the organic category’s key shifts in recent years: the surge in product selection and growth of organic private brands.

Store brands are now available to consumers across retail channels, the Hartman Group says. The increased access has led to new perceived shopping behaviors, according to the market researcher’s “Organics & Natural Report 2018.”

Compared to a year ago, the report found that 38 percent of shoppers claim they are buying more store brands overall, and 33 percent of shoppers say they are purchasing more private brands with a line of organic products. Thirty-four percent of female consumers and 32 percent of males shop for organic store brand products. Income, U.S. Census regions, generations and where organic shoppers live in the country are also charted.

The 2018 report offers more consumer and demographic takes on what the Hartman Group sees as an intensified consumer investment in the organic and natural space, the result of higher momentum in both consumer and industry engagement. The new infographic is pictured (right). More information on report can be found here.