Source Wurx Signs Deal with Private Label Supplier

The agreement will allow the company to manage the packaging design of the vendor's more than 8,000 SKUs.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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Photo: Source Wurx
Photo: Source Wurx

Wisconsin-based design firm Source Wurx has signed an agreement with a private label food manufacturer to enhance the supplier’s packaging graphics and oversee color management.

Tasked with managing more than 8,000 SKUs for the manufacturer that was not identified, Source Wurx said it will also work to reduce costs related to graphics and improve lead times. This, Source Wurx officials said, will allow for a tightening of production controls, and help the food manufacturer save up to 50% in design and prepress costs compared to internal execution. 

Additionally, this approach will help streamline several processes for the private label supplier that include file control, flexibility, and version control. 

“With so much outside of our control, in the past few years clients have experienced fires, security hacks, acquisitions that have caused negative consequences,” said Leslie Williams, vice president of Business Development for Source Wurx. ”Managing digital assets with a third party partner enables Source Wurx to effectively and efficiently move business from one printer to another for contingency planning purposes.”

For the private label food manufacturer, Source Wurx also is managing printed packaging color via a sampling process consisting of approved proofs and samples from the first production run.