SmartKlear packaging for maple syrup

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Citadelle uses pure innovation in everything it does, from creating delicious products to designing smart new packaging. Citadelle’s patented new SmartKlear material keeps out more oxygen than any other non-glass material in its class, keeping the product from degrading and helping preserve the color of maple syrup longer.

Retailers can benefit from extra-long shelf life for their products thanks to patented SmartKlear packaging. They will get unmatched performance over traditional opaque plastic jugs — and their products will stay fresher for longer.

So stop running the chance of selling mislabeled syrup, and protect your product’s and brand’s reputation.

Customers expect to get what they pay for, and traditional maple syrup containers with a high oxygen transmission rate can drastically change a product’s color and taste as well as consumer’s expectations. That mislabeling can have dire effect — from negative feedback on social media to legal action. Retailers have already suffered from the consequences of this. Protect your product and your brand liability with our patented SmartKlear packaging.

Since we were first formed in 1925, Citadelle has always been on the lookout for products directly sourced from our COOP producers as well as creating long-term, win-win relationships with our partners.

For information, contact Chris Golden at [email protected]


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