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Simpli Natural Protective Underwear

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Designed to provide simple, natural incontinence protection, Simpli® underwear ensures only plant-based materials come in contact with user’s delicate, intimate skin. All materials are free from fragrance, lotions, parabens, natural rubber latex, toxic dyes, and elemental chlorine bleaching. Now adult incontinence users can have quality protection with materials that are gentle for the skin and for the environment.

The breathability and full elastic design of our Simpli® Discreet Underwear offers optimal protection and discretion. InvisiCore™ has extra absorbency in the center without added bulkiness. The dual leak barriers significantly improve leak containment by providing an extra shield of protection. Simpli® underwear are gentle for skin but tough on leaks with up to 12 hours of leakage protection to keep you dry all day or night long.

Simpli® products not only feature plant-based materials but are also packaged into CO2-neutral bags making them a better alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

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