Sam’s Club profiles Member’s Mark packaging magician

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Jonathan Stiers

Since 2017, Jonathan Stiers has been working on Sam’s Club’s own brand packaging and more. He’s been with Walmart since 1997, working as a graphic designer, creating department signs while in college. Now he sits at the helm of Sam’s Club’s Member’s Mark packaging. 

The club store profiled Stiers in a recent blog online. Officially, he’s the creative director of Member’s Mark packaging. 

“Our team is responsible for bringing our products to life in unique and creative ways that our members get excited about,” Stiers said. “Hopefully if we’ve done our jobs, we inspire them to take our products home.”

One area where that stands out to Stiers is during the holidays, where he’s been an art director, creative packaging designer and now creative director for every major holiday.

Sam’s Club’s breadth of Maker’s Mark holiday product was recently showcased during a clever digital campaign, where consumers went inside the virtual Griswold house from the popular movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” Stiers is bringing that packaging to life in stores.

“My team and I are responsible for developing best-in-class packaging with exceptional product photography,” he said, acknowledging the ambiance drives the magic. “It’s crucial to tell the item’s story. Packaging has to be our silent salesperson — so it has to work extra hard for us.”

In Stiers role, it’s about embracing creativity, the club store calls its creatives “magicians” or “magic makers.”

As Stiers said: “One day we’re designing a beautiful label for one of our wines and the next we’re doing a large-scale photo shoot showcasing our holiday product.” Read the full profile in the Sam’s Club blog.