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Q&A: Introducing TXB

With a rebranding from Kwik Chek to Texas Born (TXB), the regional chain has overhauled its private brands and foodservice to carry a local flair. The chain's foodservice leader talks about the change.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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In October of last year, the Kwik Chek chain of convenience stores began a full rebrand of its 47 locations under a new look and name — Texas Born (TXB). The change was to better reflect the company’s Texas roots, emphasizing locally sourced merchandise, Texas flavors in foodservice, and delivering a bolder look.

Construction is underway transitioning Kwik Chek stores to TXB and private brand products are getting a new look, too, such as jerky,  bottled water and more to come. Store Brands talked with Brandon Frampton, vice president of foodservice operations, TXB, to learn more.

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Brandon Frampton

SB:Describe how the rebranding of Kwik Chek to TXB came about.
Brandon Frampton:
We rebranded the company to emphasize our Texan roots and values that the brand was built upon — authenticity, hospitality and integrity. The company is genuinely “Texas Born,” as we are not only based in the Lone Star State but we also source local products at every opportunity we get, including our meats, tortillas, fruits, vegetables and much more.

SB:How far along is the company in the rebranding process?
Construction on two new new-to-industry (NTI) stores kicked off at the end of 2020 in Georgetown and Bee Cave, Texas, with a third location in Cottonwood Shores, Texas, soon to follow. We’re very excited to open the first original brick-and-mortar TXB location in Georgetown in April 2021. The new branding has a very clean, sleek look and has already begun to show up in all of our existing stores, from our TXB menu boards (print and digital) and cappuccino machines to promotional signage, TXB fountain cups and more.

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SB:What can we expect to see from the private label packaged products?
Our private label products for TXB are something I am deeply passionate about. The packaging alone is clean, visionary and really drives home the extraordinary quality of TXB-branded products. We have worked hard to source our private label items from Texas-based companies, including our jerky, bottled water, and coffee, with even more to come. These items were carefully crafted to provide our guests delicious, on-the-go snacks and beverages that are appealing on the shelf and appealing to taste buds. Our goal is to be the best, coolest convenience store chain in the country, and I believe our private label line will push us in that direction.

SB:How will the private label program be different than what was offered at Kwik Chek? BF: We will revolutionize foodservice portability and packaging in the convenience channel. The transformation of our vessel quality for water bottles, fountain cups and grab-and-go food containers make our packaging more presentable, portable, and easy to carry. At TXB, our mission remains as “Leave ‘em Better,” and by improving our guest experience with our TXB private label items, we do just that. Packaging and presentation for to-go meals will be functional, allowing the food to be easily eaten on-the-go or anywhere, as some TXB packaging can now easily fit in cup holders, hold your dipping sauces and are sturdy enough to eat right out of the box, as opposed to your food being thrown in a paper or plastic sack. In terms of overall quality, I like to say Kwik Chek was 2.0, but TXB is 5.0.

SB: What’s on tap with TXB food items, how will those evolve from what was offered at Kwik Chek?
We have a lot of amazing food offerings in the works, including our new Texas Scorpion Bites, made with classic southern ingredients like juicy fish, perfectly-fried shrimp and spicy jalapenos. We’ve also developed a TXB Habanero Queso that is coming soon to all TXB stores. We are stepping it up from traditional c-store foods and focusing on fresh, made-from-scratch offerings that are restaurant quality. For example, our steak strips are grilled daily, and we offer other fresh items like jumbo marinated tenders, blanched vegetables, and our signature handmade salsa, to name a few.

SB:How important is private label to the TXB company?
Private label is critical to everything we do at TXB. We are of Texas, for Texas, and that is shown in our branding at all 47 locations. TXB’s clean, sleek look enhances the quality of our items and highlights our Texas-made products that will make guests feel like they’re in a market, rather than your average convenience store. From upgraded offerings like specialty cheeses and sushi, to concierge-level service, we are here to give guests the absolute best, ensuring we achieve our mission to “Leave ‘em better”… and have fun doing it.

SB:What are you looking for from a supplier partner?
We look for Texas-based companies that offer authentic products that are unique to Texas to further emphasize our loyalty to our Texan roots.