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PLMA shares Private Label Week metrics

Private Label Manufacturers Association said 7,500 virtual business cards were exchanged during the five-day Private Label Week event, and the platform remains open until April 30.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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The Private Label Manufacturers Association released analytics from its first-ever Private Label Week, a five-day virtual event held February 1-5, saying the online platform managed more than 2,000 live video calls between manufacturers and retailers during the week and garnered 500,000 page views.

More importantly, the online platform remains open until April 30 for companies to access and connect with exhibitors about new business. 

The online show was presented in lieu of its 40-year running Private Label Trade Show in Chicago that had to be canceled due to safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite missing the two-day in-person event, PLMA said the virtual week saw 1,100 buyers log on to visit the show from nearly 400 retailing and wholesaling companies.

Video content over the platform registered more than 32,500 individual views for the week, and about 7,500 business cards were exchanged across the platform. Among the card exchanges, 2,750 business cards were shared by retailers as they were visiting the virtual exhibit booths of more than 800 private label suppliers.

“It’s typical to gauge accomplishments of a traditional, in-person trade show based on metrics like total square feet utilized or show floor traffic over one or more days,” said PLMA corporate vice president Anthony Aloia. “When an event must go virtual and take place in the cloud instead of the convention hall, however, new analytics are required to measure the show’s success."