PLMA Preview: Hot new products

As Store Brands does every November, this month’s print issue would have been dedicated to previewing the biggest event in private label — the Private Label Manufacturers Association’s Private Label Trade Show — an event that for four decades has brought suppliers and retailers together to further partnerships, start new ones and learn more together about the industry at large.

However, like many trade events, the coronavirus pandemic has canceled the in-person trade show experience. PLMA has pivoted to put together a week-long virtual trade show event that will run Feb. 1 through 5. The event is being called “PLMA Live! Private Label Week.”


PLMA is dedicating each day of the five-day event to a different product category. They have listed them as: home and household products (Feb. 1 and 2), beverages and center store (Feb. 2 to 3), health and beauty products (Feb. 3 to 4), fresh, frozen and refrigerated products (Feb. 4 to 5), and a special show day on the final day.

The event will connect retailers and store brand manufacturers virtually by using a proprietary platform with video and chat tools. A “supplier booth,” so to speak, will center on a new product from a company and as retailers view information on that product they will be able to enable a video call for a face-to-face meeting. Retailers will walk the virtual halls by using a search tool on the platform to look by category and even keywords like “free-from products.”

The week-long event also will have running videos and presentations that attendees can opt into viewing for its educational component.

For its version of a PLMA preview, Store Brands had to pivot as well. In the spirit of the annual preview, editors reached out to its list of suppliers and asked for hot new products. Here’s what companies have to offer:



A leading premium balsamic condiment in Italy now is available stateside — Bellei’s Sua Maestra Denso Dolce. The balsamic vinegar is packed in 6/250-ml (8.45-oz.) bottles and in a country display carton to increase the overall balsamic vinegar sales volume in retail stores. The company maintains inventory in Fairfield, N.J. 
Contact: [email protected]; 201.207.9770 




Cape Foods
Cape Town, South Africa
Launched in October, Cape Foods introduced a new range of Himalayan salt seasonings in four flavors. The health benefits and visual appeal of Himalayan salt has made it a popular choice in households across the world. Cape Foods is producing it in convenient, cost-effective PET shakers in an unrefined Himalayan salt, a Himalayan salt with herbs, Himalayan salt with garlic, and Himalayan salt with chilli. Prices range between $1.99 and $2.49, which the company said offers retailers margins in excess of 40%. Cape Foods sources directly from a factory in Cape Town or from the company’s importer in New Jersey.
Contact: [email protected]




Chocmod USA
Fort Lee, N.J.
A chocolatier for 72 years, the company is showcasing fancy new specialty tins of its chocolate truffles, seasonal Easter candy and new fair trade chocolate marshmallows. Details include:

Collector truffles tins in 9-oz. and 16-oz. sizes, launching this month in beautiful colors and designs. The French truffles are palm oil free, all natural, gluten free and Kosher; and

Organic and fair-trade marshmallows in a 3.5-oz. doypack and Easter Bunny Marshmallows in a 2.82-oz. doypack will both launch in January 2021. The dome-shaped marshmallows and the Easter Bunny-shaped versions are palm oil free, all natural, GMO free and come in resealable packages for on-the-go enjoyment.
Contact: [email protected]




Utica, N.Y.
Launched in September, DeIorio’s unveiled four new Gourmet Pizza Kits. The gourmet dough in each was designed to help customers easily stretch it to any shape and size. The round and rectangle gourmet pizza kits come with sauce and cheese. All customers need are their favorite toppings. The line includes three 12-oz. dough kits and a four-pack of retail dough balls that can make anything from pizza and Stromboli to desserts.
Contact:; 800.649.7612




Kanak Naturals
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Tree-free and renewable, Kanak has introduced a new line of compostable plates, platters and bowls called Sustainables. The single-use tableware is available for private label and the plates and bowls are considered a national brand equivalent to Chinet, per the company. Sustainables are made from 100% sugarcane that the company said offers industry-leading strength and performance. The tableware can handle heavy, greasy meals without buckling or leaking. A classic design and trimmed edges add an improved appearance.

The tableware is immediately available. All of Kanak’s products are compostable, certified for quality, cut and grease resistant, microwavable and freezer safe. 
Contact: 260. 490.4790




Norwood, Mass.
Luong Quoi Coconut is a Vietnamese company that distributes a range of Coco Goods products in the United States that are 100% organic. The company said it works closely with every partner in the supply chain from the farmer growing the coconuts, to caring for the welfare of its employees, to the logistics and transport companies, and to the end retailers. Four Coco Goods products launched in October:

  • Organic virgin coconut oil (15 oz., 30 oz., 60 oz.) — Improves dry skin or damaged hair, and is good for makeup removal, moisturizing, lip balm, shaving cream and massage oil;
  • Organic coconut cream (13.5 oz.) — A dairy-free, vegan alternative to coconut milk, containing less water for a thicker, more paste-like consistency. The cream is great for cooking or a dessert topping;
  • Organic coconut milk — An alternative to dairy milk, coconut milk contains beneficial fat called lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that’s absorbed and used by the body for energy. It’s a good drink for workouts and good for cooking; and
  • Organic coconut milk lite — A version with 60% fewer calories and fat than regular coconut milk, made from the pressing of fresh, ripe coconut meat.

Contact: [email protected];
833. 262.6466




Marich Confectionery
Hollister, Calif.
An experienced manufacturing partner for custom, co-manufactured and private label chocolates and candies, Marich is highlighting its range of “pancrafted” panned confections and starch-molded products that can be paired with many packaging styles. 

The company has 36 years of experience in producing products from initial concept to development, launch and ongoing order fulfillment. Marich is a second-generation family business creating confectionery products with skills, knowledge and an ability to help retailers differentiate in the marketplace.
Contact:; 800.624.7055




Natural Habitats
Hollister, Calif.
Primarily a producer of organic palm oil for B-to-B industrial clients, Natural Habitats has developed two new plant-based products under its smaller private brand portfolio business. 

The products include a plant-based buttery spread that uses a blend of organic palm fruit and sunflower oils to create a creamy, spreadable, buttery delicious flavor. The other product is a organic plant-based shortening that is an excellent vegan replacement for butter in pastries and baking. Both products are sustainably sourced. The cost for the spread is $2.75 to 3.00 per unit with an MSRP of $4.99 per unit. The cost of the shortening is $2.20 to 2.50 per unit, with an MSRP of $3.79 per unit.
Contact: [email protected]; 720.490.8734




Scholle IPN
Northlake, Ill.

Scholle IPN is introducing a pouch format for condiments and toppings. The pouch is designed with a corner spout and flip-top cap for improved dispensing ergonomics. The pouch also easily sits upright in the refrigerator for easy storing and access for consumers. The spout has a pull-tab to ensure tamper evidence from fill to retail to home.

The new condiment pouch also has added sustainability benefits such as reduced plastics use as compared to rigid packaging, less energy required to produce and ship versus traditional rigid packaging, and a lightweight, ergonomic cap design. The pouch is available for both pre-made and horizontal form-fill-seal applications.
Contact:; 708.562.7290




Season Brand
Newark, N.J.

Season Brand offers a wide range of sardines, mackerel and anchovies for private label opportunities. The company supplies a wide range of items from value to premium products at all price points, with more than 20 items available right away. The company noted that it offers flexible minimums. 

Season Brand also handles complete food transparency, and BRC factory audits. The company has more than 99 years of success supplying quality products.
Contact: [email protected]; 201.553.1100




Venus Wafers
Hingham, Mass.
Launched Oct. 15, Venus Wafers unveiled new Mariner Mini Flatbreads just in time for the holidays. The products are packaged in vibrant, colorful cello-wrapped 6.5-oz. trays and come in three flavors: sea salt sourdough, everything, and sesame. Baked with Venus’ authentic flatbread recipes, the mini flatbreads have unique flavor and a crisp taste. 

The Mariner Mini Flatbread is the perfect size for snacking to complement a favorite cheese, spread, soup, or anytime snack, the company said. The Mariner Mini Flatbreads have received certifications from the non-GMO Project, and are vegan and Kosher. The retail price is $3.99.  
Contact: [email protected]; 781.740.1002