PetDine announces new green initiative

The private label pet food manufacturer will now use a recycled plastic in its materials, eliminating waste of over 250,000 lbs. annually.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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PetDine, a leading manufacturer of private label pet food and treats, including a recent expansion into cat foods, has announced steps it is taking towards eliminating waste. 

The company, now a division of ADM, is now utilizing bottles, SURPs (stand-up resealable pouches) and scoops that contain Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) content on behalf of its clients as part of its ongoing sustainability mission. The initiative aims to reduce PetDine’s manufacturing carbon footprint, or “pawprint” as the company called it.

“In July, PetDine announced a series of measurable, strategic initiatives to be the driving force for heightened sustainability within our operational footprint,” said Amelia Den Boer, PetDine sustainability manager. “As we reach our sustainability targets, we will continue to find more, innovative ways to promote and strengthen sustainability in the pet industry and specifically within pet product manufacturing. PetDine takes seriously the responsibility to multiply global impact by offering clients, consumers and pets sustainable solutions that protect our planet and make it a healthy habitat for all.”

O​f the company’s sustainability goals, one target is to have all purchased plastic jars and bottles contain PCR content by 2023 across all its facilities in Illinois and Colorado. Providing PCR liquid-product bottles and powder-product scoops boosts PetDine’s progress of achieving the overall initiative and eliminates landfill waste by 263,565 lbs. per year. Earlier this year, PetDine announced an initiative to help pet food companies earn upcycled certification, another effort to eliminate food waste.

“PetDine holds itself accountable and actively pursues ‘made better’ options for all pet supplements and treats we manufacture,” said Tirrel Miller, PetDine director of quality. “This initiative is an investment in helping our environment, providing more sustainability opportunities for our clients, and, ultimately, exceeding client and end-customer expectations with the highest quality product packaging—all of which is how we and our clients can flourish in the pet industry.”