Personalized food tech platform ups private brand engagement

Innit partners with Google Cloud, collaborating on ways grocers can reach shoppers with its own brands, Innit CEO Kevin Brown told Store Brands.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Innit, a personalized food technology platform that has been deployed with retailers and more throughout North America and Europe, is now working with Google Cloud to further its ability to personalize shopping features for grocers, enhancing how it targets store brands to shoppers. By working together, Innit can combine Google Cloud’s search and recommendation technologies with Innit’s personalized nutrition and shoppable recipes.

The partnership can help boost retailer store brands by increasing engagement between consumers and private brands, fuel discoverability of own brands and encourage conversion — all throughout the entire shopper’s journey, including online, in-store and at-home.

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Kevin Brown

“The shift to digital creates a massive opportunity for private label brands, allowing them to engage shoppers online, in-store, and at-home. New consumer experiences like personalized meal planning, shoppable recipes, and guided cooking create opportunities for upsell, cross-sell, and storytelling, as well as actionable assistance in meal preparation,” Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder of Innit, told Store Brands.

“New features like shoppable recipes enable retailers to slot their preferred private label brands as the default for one-click purchasing,” he added. “As consumers build trust in these automated shopping features, retailers can optimize for margin enhancement and assortment discovery.”

Shopping and cooking behavior have transformed rapidly, with 68% of new digital grocery customers now considering digital to be a permanent part of their shopping routine, per a study from eMarketer. As a result, grocery retailers are investing in technology platforms to build omnichannel services that can meet customers whenever and wherever they want to buy according to their health, wellness, and lifestyle preferences, said Innit, based in San Francisco.

"New features like shoppable recipes enable retailers to slot their preferred private label brands as the default for one-click purchasing."
Kevin Brown , CEO and co-founder of Innit

Innit and Google Cloud have worked together over the last four years on multiple solutions to deliver actionable assistance throughout the meal journey. Innit’s AI-powered solutions including personalized nutrition, shoppable recipes, meal planning, and guided cooking have been integrated with Google Cloud. Teams from both companies will partner to deliver the joint solution, enabling grocery retailers to accelerate their omnichannel digital transformations. 

“Grocery retailers are racing to upgrade their digital platforms, and personalization will be fundamental to this next generation of services for the modern store,” said Paul Tepfenhart, director, global retail solutions for Google Cloud. “The Google Cloud-Innit solution puts data at the center to remove friction from every stage of the shopping journey.”

Brown said: “Grocery shopping can be cumbersome for consumers who juggle dietary restrictions, brand preferences, and sustainability concerns every time they fill their carts,” said Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder of Innit. “The next generation of grocery will personalize the store around each consumer, enabling them to easily purchase products and shoppable recipes with confidence. This will streamline the customer experience, and open up tremendous opportunities for retailers and brands to monetize the digital shelf.”