NuZee Honored For Innovation by World Finance

The coffee supplier receives honors for its efforts in developing an assortment of single-serve coffee formats.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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NuZee's Dripkit portable pour over.

Coffee supplier NuZee has been named 2022’s most innovative company in coffee processing by World Finance. The annual awards recognize trend-makers in their respective industries that drive cutting-edge innovations and initiatives with operating methods that shift to new and transformational models. 

"We are honored to have been named the coffee industry's most Innovative Company in Coffee Processing by World Finance," said Masa Higashida, CEO at NuZee. "Our team is dedicated to creating great coffee experiences and to disrupting the $12 billion capsule industry."

Best known as a co-packing company for single serve coffee formats that partners with companies to help them develop within the single serve and private label coffee category, NuZee’s products include single-serve pour-over and brew bag coffee formats. Coffee is pre-measured, providing simplicity and allowing coffee drinkers to practice mindful and responsible consumption by brewing only what they require.

"Our goal is to recreate a barista-quality brew that highlights a coffee's unique characteristics," said Marie Franklin, senior vice president of Sales & Marketing at NuZee. "Coffee roasters are looking for new ways to reach consumers and we are happy to provide solutions that not only excite customers but preserve their craft."

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