Nordstrom updates progress on reducing plastics in owned brand products

The retailer also updated that its more than a third of a way to reaching its goal to have Nordstrom Made store brand products manufactured in factories that empower women.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Nordstrom reduced the use of single-use plastics within its Nordstrom Made store brand products by 13 million units last year, per an update from the company on its 2025 corporate social responsibility goals that it previously set

The retailer also pointed out that 32% of its Nordstrom Made products were manufactured in factories that invest in women’s empowerment, reaching 40,000 workers. Again, Nordstrom had made an earlier pledge toward this focus, setting a goal to have 90% of Nordstrom Made products be manufactured in factories that support women by 2025.

Additionally, that goal asked for 90% of Nordstrom Made items to be traceable back to the factory it was made, required 100% of Nordstrom Made suppliers pay a living wage to factory workers, and ensured the company continues to invest in organizations that support women’s empowerment and to create trainings and resources within its supply chain to reflect this.

Seattle-based Nordstrom released a graphic and updated stats on its progress toward its 2025 goal in diversity and sustainability. Highlights include:

  • Donated 43,000 pairs of shoes through the Shoes That Fit program;
  • Launched BEAUTYCYCLE with the goal to recycle 100 tons of beauty waste by 2025;
  • Committed to $500 million in sales from Black and Latinx brands by 2025;
  • Donated $600,000 to support homeless youth through sales of Treasure & Bond products;
  • Donated $3.5 million to 3,615 causes through its employee matching gift program;
  • Formed new partnerships with the National Urban League and the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility;
  • Brought together diverse leaders across the company and board of directors to form our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Action Council.
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