New Seasons Market switches to sustainable packaging for own brand pasta

The grocery chain will now sell its variety of private label pasta items in a new, green packaging tray.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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New Seasons Market pasta

Grocery chain New Seasons Market, which serves the Pacific Northwest region, has announced a major shift towards sustainability. The retailer will transition its private label Partner Brand Fresh Pasta packaging from plastic clamshells to a greener option- the Paperseal MAP tray.

The PaperSeal modified atmosphere packaging trays are produced by Graphic Packaging International (GPI), a global manufacturer of paper-based packaging, and New Seasons Market will be the first retailer in the U.S. to use this innovation. Each PaperSeal MAP tray uses 91% less plastic than the fresh pasta’s current clamshell packaging. 

By upgrading, the grocer will eliminate more than 120,000 clamshells from the waste stream annually. The company plans to continue reducing operational waste from its stores, striving to achieve a 60% landfill diversion rate.

“Packaging is a complex environmental problem and we actively work to balance the tradeoffs required to ensure food preservation, while limiting unnecessary excess and waste,” said Athena Petty, senior sustainability manager at New Seasons Market. “By upgrading our Partner Brand Fresh Pasta packaging to PaperSeal MAP trays, we’re drastically reducing plastic from the waste stream and extending the shelf life of the product combating the negative climate impacts of food waste.”

The PaperSeal MAP trays are made from FSC Certified fibers and are fully recyclable once the food-safe liner is removed. In addition to reducing material impact, this new packaging also extends product shelf life from 12 to 20 days. New Seasons Market shoppers can expect to find the new packaging roll out at their local store throughout the month of April.

“PaperSeal has received numerous international sustainability awards and has become a preferred choice for brands around the world who seek to develop more sustainable packaging solutions,” said Ricardo De Genova, senior vice president of global innovation and new business development at Graphic Packaging. “We are delighted that New Seasons will be adopting this innovative packaging solution, as well as proud that we can help a business with such a socially responsible approach to reduce its plastic waste.”

Founded in 2000 by three families and 50 friends in Portland, Ore., New Seasons Market is now a team of nearly 4,000 employees operating 19 stores in Oregon, Washington and Northern California.