New Product Concepts

Stevia-sweetened ketchup
The Fremont Co. developed a reduced-sugar ketchup sweetened with stevia to satisfy growing market demand for stevia-sweetened offerings. Stevia is an all-natural calorie-free sweetener made from the stevia plant, which is found in South America. It has a zero glycemic index, zero calories and zero carbs and is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. Available for private labeling, the new reduced-sugar ketchup sweetened with stevia is an all-natural product with 25 percent less sugar than traditional ketchups.

Crustless quiche
The Perfect Bite's Crustless Quiche is a "delightful mix" of vegetables, cheeses and a creamy egg custard. Available for retailers' store brand programs, this frozen, bite-sized treat is a suitable appetizer for entertaining at any time of the day.

Coffee in stick packs
Café Enhanca, made using proprietary instant and ground coffee technology, is a line of 100 percent premium Arabica coffee that combines the taste of freshly brewed coffee with the convenience of single-serve stick packs. New from DreamPak, the product is available for retailers' store brand programs.

Gourmet breakfast cups for dogs
Simmons Pet Food Inc. is expanding its 3.5-oz. Gourmet Dog Food Cup line with four new "breakfast" flavors. These items are intended to enhance the pet owner's desire for interaction with their pets at the start of the day. Available for private labeling, the new flavors are Smoked Bacon & Egg Flavor in Savory Juices, Grilled Steak & Eggs in Savory Juices, Egg & Sausage Flavor in Savory Juices and Chicken & Cheese Soufflé. Made with high-quality ingredients, the single-serve cups come packed 12 to a case and include an easy-to-merchandise shelf display.

Canned meat-free products
Atlantic Natural Foods introduced five meat-free canned products for private labeling: Five Bean Chili, Meatless Taco Filling, Fishless Tuna, Chick-less Chicken Patty and Meatless Hot Dog. The products are 100 percent natural and made with high-quality soy and wheat protein. They provide a real alternative to meat-based protein and are for the vegetarian, vegan and "meatless Monday" market.

Recyclable MAP tray
Suitable for meat, poultry, entrées and kebobs, Clearly Clean Products' recyclable modified atmosphere package (MAP) tray uses a patented process to apply a peelable thin liner to a recycled PET tray – the same liner used in water bottles. The patented printed liner provides barrier protection to maintain product shelf life and can be customized to meet marketing objectives. Able to run on existing equipment, the tray is simple for processors to seal and easy for customers to use.
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