New dressings packed with superfoods

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Four flavor-forward, superfood-infused dressings have hit the market and the supplier is open to working with retailers to develop the products under healthy retailer private brand lines.

Tessemae, Baltimore, launched its Tessemae Superfood dressings, four vinaigrettes packed with simple, whole ingredients and globally inspired flavors. 

The flavors are Citrus Turmeric Wellness, a light and fruity dressing with lemon, orange and lime; Mushroom Ginger Immunity, made with umami rich coconut aminos, savory toasted sesame oil, plus a touch of ground ginger and lion's mane mushroom; Chili Lime Vitality, a sweet and spicy dressing with chili peppers, fresh lime juice and natural coconut nectar; and Chia Balsamic Balance, a classic vinaigrette flavor made with real balsamic vinegar and has coconut nectar and chia seeds.

The clean-label, non-GMO dressings are made with high oleic sunflower oil, which is recognized for supporting healthy heart functions.

"We believe that each meal is an opportunity to boost your nutrition through purpose-driven eating," says Tessemae's Chef Kristen Dittami. "Tessemae's Superfood dressings are the perfect complement to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. They're a great way to add that little bit of extra to your meal, to help spark your day and make it that much better for you."

The branded Tessemae lines are available at and on Amazon. A representative of the company said they are open to private brand partnerships with like-minded retailers who have clean-label and wellness lines.