Naturally Splendid gets first private label order under new Canadian agreement

The plant-based meats producer recently signed a letter of intent with an Australian plant-based manufacturer for manufacturing rights in Canada.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Canadian plant-based meat producer Naturally Splendid signed a letter of intent with Flexitarian Foods, a division of Australia’s largest plant-based manufacturer BettaLife Global Food Solutions, to become the exclusive manufacturer of plant-based meat products in the Canadian market.

The exclusive manufacturing rights are granted for a 10-year term with a 10-year renewable term. Upon initiating the deal, Naturally Splendid announced a purchase order with a Canadian-based company for a selection of private brand plant-based meat products for the client. Naturally Splendid will work with this client to provide plant-based products in unique packaging, designated for specific distribution channels. The range of products will include select meat alternative, plant-based offerings as well as custom formulated meat-like products.

The deal with BettaLife Global Food includes new manufacturing lines installed in Naturally Splendid’s existing facilities, significantly reducing capital costs of construction as well as reduced timelines to begin manufacturing.

Naturally Splendid owns and operates a 20,000 sq. ft., SQF Certified food manufacturing facility through its 100% owned division Prosnack Natural foods (Prosnack) in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, in which these additional manufacturing lines will be installed. The facility will be capable of manufacturing a wide range of plant-based alternatives for beef, chicken, pork, fish and shellfish. The output capacity of this facility is designed to produce 8 to 10 tons of product per shift, per day. 

Naturally Splendid will market products from this facility under the brand Natera Plant Based Foods as well as produce for private label clients. Natera Plant Based Foods is currently offering 10 SKUs for the North American market including a Plant-Based Burger; Crispy Chick-Un Burger; Seasoned Chick-Un Tenders; Sweet Chili ChickUn Tenders; Chick-Un Nuggets; Crispy Chick-Un Cutlets (schnitzel); Crispy Fish-Un Filet; Garlic Chick-Un Kiev; Cheesy Chick-Un Bites and Garlicky Chick-Un Bites.