Natural Grocers wants to end Daylight Saving Time

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Natural Grocers wants to end Daylight Saving Time

By Dan Ochwat - 02/12/2020

Specialty organic retailer Natural Grocers wants to end Daylight Saving Time, claiming the time change is an impediment to heart health, and is bringing awareness to the issue threw an in-store event that includes a chance to win a year’s worth of its own brand of Natural Grocers coffee.

The Lakewood, Colo.-based chain with 156 stores will host promotional events on March 7, the day before Daylight Saving Time and “springing forward.” The in-store events include a pop-up “Hack Your Coffee” bar, or an educational demonstration on how coffee drinkers can enhance their wake-up beverage with such health boosters as collagen peptides to support better skin, MCT oil for brain health and energy, ghee for a mood boost, cardamom to support caffeine metabolism, and cinnamon to support healthy blood sugar.

Natural Grocers hosted a coffee bar hack like this during its New Year’s Resolution events, too.

The March 7 Daylight Saving Time events also offer shoppers to head to a local store and sign up for a chance to win free Natural Grocers Brand Organic Coffee for a year. The fair-trade coffee products come in six varieties of blends or single origin beans: French Roast, Breakfast Blend, Sumatra, Nicaragua, Guatemala and House Blend Decaf.

Members of Natural Grocers loyalty program {N}power also have access to in-store specials on products such as its Natural Grocers Brand Hydro Flasks.

To further support the promotion, the retailer is asking consumers to sign a petition that was launched by an organization to end Daylight Saving Time. The petition requests Congress to amend the Uniform Time Act of 1966 (amended by the Energy Policy Act of 2005), which sets the time for the entire country, and to give states the ability to opt in or out.

"We take all aspects of health seriously at Natural Grocers, and we understand that even the slightest change to our routines can have an impact on our wellbeing," commented Natural Grocers Co-President Kemper Isely. "By removing twice-yearly time changes and supporting heart health, we will be one step closer to our mission of creating a healthier country."

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